Video: Can you afford not to use it?

Video: Can you afford not to use it?
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The digital and social media sphere is becoming more and more crowded. While this means that it may be harder to stand out, it also means that more people (and potential audiences/customers) are in the sphere. Standing out might seem difficult in a crowded atmosphere, but it needn’t be more complicated that thinking and working smart, not necessarily hard.

Many of us can be reticent to use video. Generally speaking, we don’t like being recorded, or hearing ourselves on video – let alone publishing it for the world to see. But how much can you be missing on as a result?

Video is such a huge element of content via social media today, that it’s important to question whether you can really afford not to? Video is a very engaged-with form of content, and social users love it. If you’re not embracing it, and your competitors are, how much could this be damaging your brand reputation and sales?

Luckily enough, video really isn’t tricky. Here are a few easy peasy (and quick!) ways to use video.

Don’t bother with the high production stuff

For corporate videos or professional purposes, sure, there is a need for professional imagery and video. But the truth of day-to-day social content is that we all have a smartphone and it’s perfectly capable of recording perfectly good content. Sure, crop out the chunks where you may start laughing or have a mind blank, but generally, there’s no need to edit or process extensively. In fact, the simpler you keep it, the better the use of your time.


Want a really really easy idea for video? Turn your blog ideas into videos. Speak to the camera (perhaps with suitable products/props) the same way as you would with text and images on a traditional blog. You might actually find that more demonstrative or informational blogs are easier to communicate via video recordings as you can go into greater depth while speaking to the camera.

Product demos

More applicable if you have a product-based business, product demos are a great way to use video. Information on products, advice on how to use them, and inventive ‘hacks’ to make the most of the products are just three ways of engaging your audience with you, and with your product. The great thing about video is that you can really show off your products in greater depth and detail than otherwise available through text and images.  If you have a service-based business, videos with further information about certain services can help to simplify your total offering to your audience and can really get them engaged with your content. Plus, if you have segment-specific service, you can then go on to ‘promote’ your posts to really target the best audiences.

Business buzz

Video is a really great way for you to shout about your business and latest news. New product/service on the horizon? Record a quick video about it to build buzz. Fundraising for charity or other PR events? Use video to record footage of your adventures and share them online to keep your audience involved. Video really engages with your audience, so it’s a great way to boast news and product/service developments. Plus, it’s also great for promotion and competition buzz-building.

How do you use video to make the most of your social activity?

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