Four fast and effective content ideas to boost reach

Four fast and effective content ideas to boost reach
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Being fabulous 24/7 is hard work, right? We have a million and one other things going on, and the last thing we want is to be penalised by Facebook or other platforms for our previous posts’ lower reach.

The problem with it is that, once you’ve suffered a low post reach, it does have a knock-on effect, and can be particularly difficult to boost back up in future.

If you’re suffering from an engagement rut, here are four quick and effective content ideas that can boost your reach!

Great testimonials

If you’ve recently received a good testimonials from a customer, ask them if you can use it on your social media. Turn it into a quick and simple graphic through a platform such as Canva, and make it prettier than just by typing it out as a text-only post. By notifying the customer who gave you the testimonial, you are alerting them and giving them an opportunity to engage and potentially share your post – meaning extra engagement!

Open dialogue

Ask questions, create a poll, get the opinions flowing – just ensure they’re relevant to you are on a subject your audience also care about! Involve your products, and ask them their favourite features, for instance, to keep them involved, boost your reach and also give you valuable insight about your products!

Offer value

Tips, instructions, blogs and guides are all ways you can offer real value to your audience. Content is king, and the more you have of it, the better! Ensure it is useful to your audience and ensure you’re sharing it – especially if it is ‘evergreen’ content!

Be shareable

One last way to generate great engagement (and therefore reach) on your posts is to make your content super shareable. People now ‘tag’ others in the comments sections on posts. A lot! Ensure your posts are appealing and kind of things your audience want to share on with their friends. Funny jokes, articles, quotes and facts are great examples of easy, fun, and shareable content.

At the end of the day, the way to get by on social platforms is to A) think socially, and B) think from your audience’s perspective. Think before you post, “What do my audience want to see?”, “What do they care about most?” and “How can I weave this into my social activity?”

Happy posting!

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